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Use bactrim with caution in the elderly; they may be more sensitive to its effects, especially severe skin reactions, bone marrow suppression, or high blood potassium levels.

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UTIs causd by suscptibl stains schichia coli, Klbsilla spcis, ntobact spcis, Moganlla moganii, Potus miabilis, and Potus vulgais.

Atalitis associatd with th administation sulonamids, hav occud du tsv actions, including, Stvns-Johnson Syndom, toxic pidmal ncolysis, ulminant hpatic ncosis, aganulocytosis, aplastic anmia and oth blood dyscasias.

Timthopim, componnt BACTIM, has bn notd timpai phnylalanin mtabolism, but this is nsigniicanc in phnylktonuic patints on appopiat ditay stiction.

Cold lu symptoms, swolln gums, painul mouth sos, pain whn swallowing, skin sos;

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